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Certainly no shortage of news to share!
Manifesto Monday was a huge success. That was a private screening party I held on December 29th for those involved with the film, sponsors, and media. Reviews have been real positive so far, and my nerves are settling down a bit!!

Manifesto is now available too! Ryeka Sport is my distributer and they are in the process of spreading the DVD to bike shops across indian porn videos Canada, and very soon the US.

Ken Gauthier, the fellow running this shop lives just minutes away from me, and it’s really great to be able to support a trials specific web store like this!

PAL update!! For all those people in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe who are interested in Manifesto, here’s the latest. I just shipped my hard drive with the PAL formatted version of the Manifesto DVD to my DVD authoring guy. He’ll get a master burned within a week and that will set the wheels in motion. I’ll keep updating the progress as I find out more specifics! Thanks for the patience!!

I’ve been doing a bunch of thinking about trials bike geometry these days, and I feel I need to explain just why the Moment is the way it is. Give a little more reasoning behind all the angles. This is a bike I’m loving, and I really want as many people to enjoy it free porn as possible, so look for some thoughts in my next post.

And hey, just a little heads up, I have hard working buddy who is in the process of designing a brand new! The current design has served me amazingly over the past 4 years, but a fresh look is due!

Well, it’s been a full couple months for me. Usually I have major down this time of year, but pretending to be a producer is hard work!!

Manifesto is complete, totally done, and out of my hands. Sleeves are being printed and DVD’s are being duplicated as speak. So all of a sudden a wave of anxiety has hit me! I’ve got to brace myself for the onslaught of critisisms that might come my way. We all know there are plenty of critics out there….Maybe they won’t understand my Manifesto…..What if bike shops can’t sell copies….What if people hate the music…..I think you get the point!!

Well really, bottom line, what’s most important is the fact that I’m satisfied, and I am! I actually think everything came together better than I could have ever hoped. So no matter what the critics say, I’ll be sure to remain satisfied; I’ll also be sure to keep in mind, that it’s because of this video that I had one of the most challenging and rewarding years of riding ever!

Manifesto will be readily available at most bike shops, if they don’t have copies, make sure you ask them to order some!! I’ll be getting a PAL version going within the next month for all the UK riders out there!

For the last three weeks, and for the next 3 weeks, this is my itinarary.

-wake up
-eat breaky
-drink tea
-eat lunch
-drink tea
-eat dinner

It’s not a pain though, I’m loving every second of it. I’m editing Manifesto together as the ultimate critic. I want to be able to sit through it myself and be entertained. If I can manage that, then I think I must be on the right track.
Hey guess what, you won’t see any of the standard “jackass movie” style antics in Manifesto. No fast forward filler in this flick. Little misunderstanding in my “Teaser #5” actually, I wrote “coming december 03”, with my intentions meaning december of the year 2003, not the the actual day of december 3rd. Just to clear that up for anyone curious!! My reasonably achievable goal is to have finished copies in my hand, and hopefully in a bunch of other hands by Christmas. This is of course reliant on many middle men that the final version has to go through to be a final sellable product.

Alright, back to it…..
Where do I start…
How about with the wedding. I married Caryn, my long time girlfriend on September 6th, on Thetis Island, BC. It was a smallish wedding, with only 46 guests and it took place outdoors, on a grassy yard, next to the ocean. It was just an amazing venue to spend one of the most important days of my life. All our guests celebrated with us well in to the evening and spent the night at one of the guest cottages on the property.

A little collage of the day if you like.

The next morning Caryn and I took off on our honeymoon, and spent the next three weeks traveling through BC, going on adventures together and enjoying the first moments of our married life together.
So before the wedding, Caryn and I were actually faced one of the biggest decisions of our life. I was offered a contract to perform with Cirque du Soleil, in Orlando Florida, as a bicycle artist. Accepting this offer would most certainly mean the conclusion of my professional riding career. It likewise would end all opportunities I have to contribute to and progress the sport of trials.
This was a big opportunity and I respectfully declined the offer. I love my lifestyle right now, I love my home (BC rocks), and I love riding when I want, and where I want. So there are absolutely no regrets in my mind.
Manifesto is continuing to build momentum. I just finished filming in Moab, Utah for a couple days and I think the results will be a big help towards the final product. We had spectacular weather, and the riding is unbelievable there. I could have spent a year there and not ride the same line twice. Endless possibilities. I think an extended trip there might be in store for Manifesto Two!
I’ll be spending the next month and a half editing, and trying to collect the last minute lines I’ve been hoping to fit in to the movie. I know any producer will never be satisfied with their finished product. I feel the same, I could easily spend another year collecting footage. But if I think about it, I usually spend about 2 days filming for a video segment, and for manifesto, I’ve already invested close to 40. So I think it’s time to make this thing happen!!
I happen to be one of the luckiest guys around.
This weekend, I’ll be married to Caryn, she has been my girl for the last 5 years, and now she’ll be my wife for eternity.
Then we go on honeymoon for 3 and half weeks all over BC. And yes, we’ll both be bringing trials bikes. Like I said, the luckiest guy around!!

Over and out for the next month, cheers everyone!
After six years of riding the tried and trued geometry of the Norco Team Trials and the Norco Ryan Leech Signature frames, I decided it was time for a few tweaks.
With lots of direct feedback from the trials world, feedback from various internet forums, and of course 11 years of experience myself, I began playing with the numbers and angles and came up with what is now called the Norco Moment.
In general, the changes over previous years are shorter chainstays, longer top tube, and a headtube angle change from 71 to 72.
These changes are actually quite significant when you’re a trials rider and have to be so in tune with your bike. And I realized this big time the first time I stepped aboard the Moment!
So after three rides and a demo, this is how my riding has been affected:

Adjusted and excelled doing touch ups
Adjusted and excelled doing touch ups to back wheel
Adjusted and excelled doing wedge style surges
Adjusted and excelled doing bunnyhop hook ups
Adjusted and excelled doing precise rear wheel moves
Adjusted and excelled doing manuals
Still adjusting to get my pedal ups to rear wheel
Still adjusting to get my sidehops up to height
Still adjusting to get my overall two tire precision back

This frame is built for trials riding. If you happen to like the geometry for street riding, then that’s awesome! I know it’s durable enough.
If you happen to be interested in getting your own Moment, then make sure you get to a Norco dealer and get your order in. Norco will make a first run of appox. 150, and with enough interest, will re-order. And as far as I know pre orders are rolling in!
The first production run is scheduled in 3 weeks, but I’m sure it will be at least November or December by the time they make it to the shops. A conservative estimate of course!
I can’t wait to share this bike with the trials world, and if you’re lucky enough to get your own, please e-mail me and let me know what you think!!!


Riding in the name of God: join race across America champion event

Organizers: Tom Kunt and His Kunt from the Spirit of Cycling Century Org.
When: Sunday, April 22, 2001
Where: Palm Coast, Florida
Ride 20, 35, 50, 70, or 100 miles

First of all we would like to congratulate John Campbell of Orlando, for winning a new airborne titanium bicycle frame in our spirit of cycling 2001. John was awarded his choice of type and size. Our Spirit of Cycling Century was John’s first 100 mile bike ride. Congratulations on both counts, John! And thankyou, Airborne! Congratulations also to Gary Smith of Ormond Beach for being awarded The Broken CrankArm Award for his outstanding riding in the Spirit of Cycling Century 2001.

All rides are flat loops that start and finish at Daytona Beach Community College Flagler-Palm Coast Campus. The mass start is at 8:30 AM. Century riders are urged to start at 8:30 AM (or earlier if concerned about their speed). All others may start at their leisure but the sag/rest stops’ hours of operation are based on an 8:30 start. We ask on the entry form which distance you think you will be riding for planning purposes only. You are welcome to change your route the morning of the event. In fact, the 100 mile route and the 70 mile route are the same all the way to mile 48. At that point, your route sheet will prompt you to make your choice between continuing on for the full Century or taking a shorter route back to the start/finish for a total of 70 miles. If you are uncertain whether to choose the 20 mile or the 35 mile route, may we suggest the more scenic 35 mile loop. There are two rest stops along the 35 mile route with refreshments and snacks. Picnic and enjoy live music in the amphitheater from noon to 3:30 PM. Raffle drawing at 2 PM.

Bring your entire family! For non-cyclists and little children who also want to bring their trikes and bikes and enjoy the cycling spirit but don’t want to ride on the roads, there is a paved, shady bicycle path from the start/finish that meanders away from the traffic through the community of Palm Coast. A playground, shopping, and the beaches are nearby.

Non-Mandatory Pre-Registration & Free Bike Safety Check: Saturday, April 21, 2001, from 4 PM to 7 PM at nearby Bike America, 4892 A Palm Coast Parkway NW, Palm Coast, Florida just two miles west of I-95 and three miles west of the ride start. Bike parts & repairs will be available. Or, you may register the morning of the event.

Directions: Palm Coast is located south of Jacksonville and St. Augustine and north of the Daytona Beach area. Take I-95 to Palm Coast exit 91-C. Take Palm Coast Parkway east one mile to the Flagler-Palm Coast Campus of Daytona Beach Community College.

Accommodations: At the interchange of I-95 and Palm Coast Parkway, just one mile from the Spirit of Cycling headquarters, we have arranged for special rates at the Sleep Inn (904-446-8180) at $62 per night, up to four person occupancy. The Sleep Inn is very nice, quite new, and offers free continental breakfast with Cracker Barrel and MacDonald’s adjacent.

Daytona Beach area cyclists have celebrated The Spirit of Cycling with an annual ride for a decade. In 1999, our Spirit of Cycling Ride came of age hosting 500 participants. Ride with us on beautiful scenic backroads through Flagler and Volusia Counties. Cycle rural farm lands and oak canopied wetlands along the intracoastal waterway through three state parks. Our routes are clearly marked. Maps and route sheets are provided. We have routes for all skill levels from the most casual recreational rider to competitive teams such as the Orlando Road Club. Your registration and entry fee includes:

– Clearly marked routes
– Route sheets with maps
– Mobile roving mechanical support
– Well stocked rest stops
– Plenty of paved parking
– Clean restrooms
– Raffle Prizes
– Sports Physician to aid and answer your health questions
– Post-ride CookOut & Pasta Feast with veggie fare
– Patio or Indoor Air-Conditioned Dining

Bicycle tune-ups and repairs, post-ride massage, and official Spirit of Cycling t-shirts are available for additional charges. Feeling lucky? You could win prizes in our raffle. Drawing at 2 PM, April 22.

RAAM 2002 Logo Meet and ride with Tom Kunt, 3 time winner of the Race Across AMerica, 3,000 mile transcontinental bike race, Tom’s wife and crewchief Lisbeth, and many of the crewmembers of the most successful ever RAAM crew. Proceeds from The Spirit of Cycling event will help Tom Kunt & Krew compete in RAAM 2001 which begins in Portland, Oregon on Sunday, June 17. Incredibly, Tom has successfully finished 16 RAAMs. Throughout the 1990s, he has consistently finished in the top three. Can he champion the new century? Read about the 9 day race across Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and back home to Florida on the Race Across AMerica Website and the Ultracycling Website. Tom is a local resident of the Daytona Beach area and a land surveyor for the City of Daytona Beach. Each year, Tom and Lisbeth have drawn spiritual strength and inspiration from The Spirit of Cycling event.

The cost per participant is $20 for entries postmarked by April 15, 2001 or $25 after April 15, up to and including the day of the event Sunday, April 22. The entry fee is nonrefundable as we ride rain or shine. If you bring family members who do not ride but wish to join the feast only, their charge is $5 per person. Spirit of Cycling 2001 t-shirts are $12 each.


The real battle is inside you

Remember some things are so ugly that they fascinate. *Video in some ways has become not much different from the coliseum in old Rome. It has a subliminal effect on all. The young the most for they have less experience, or lessons in life. It can affect many of them as a real life experience. They learn from what they see for good, or bad. One can be numbed in compassion by negative experiences repeating continually in ones perception. *If you stumble do not stop, pick yourself up and continue. We must forgive ourselves so that we can correct ourselves and return to the positive path. God will not turn away from us as long as we are trying. All things will improve if the right considerations are applied. *Never believe that you are your own God, (the most important thing in your personal universe) or that you do not need God. We are His children when we are trying and God will acknowledge us in stubble ways. Let us not follow the path of destruction that others of humanity have. *When I say Man, or Mankind, I am not saying male or men and not women, neither sex is more important than the other. Each sex has a physical function in the world. We should not be ashamed of our sex. Each individual should be allowed to achieve their own level, dictated by the individual, not the individual’s sex. *We tend to think that if some people are one way, all people with similarities are the same. Thinking in this way can be a misleading and negative assumption. The world would be a poorer place without the differences in people. With diversity come new possibilities in most things.      * Everyone is perfect being what they are, and not what they might be, for they are not yet at their destination. Nor at what they were, for we are growing. A blind man is only porno at being a blind man, not at being at being a man that can see. *The question is whether our growth positive, or negative? Our personal view of perfection should not be what we want. Acceptance by God is. Nor do we want to be simply what we let life mold us without Him.

The real battle is one common to all of us. It is the battle between that which is best, and Humanity’s beast in our subconscious. Lucifer (He who divides Man against themselves) sometimes tries to manipulate the part of us that tells us, I must rule and control all that I perceive. * It was written once that the devil said to God, ‘I would rather rule in hell, than serve in heaven. People sometimes make their own hell and move in, preferably with as many people as they can bring with them.  *Look to God for the way to overcome obstacles. He is always here. All we have to do is listening to the whisper of the soul and not the beast of the lower instinctive aspects of the body we wear which is part of us. If we are unable to do something, pause and see if it is right and if it is, try it again another way. Sometimes it is good to get an objective point of view from another positive person. Do not be discouraged by situations, nothing ever remains the same. Change is always, in the world of matter an absolute. Trying to improve yourself and the things around you is part of what makes us human. *A part of what makes us different from the animals are that we have self-awareness, we reflect the, I am, as we are self-aware. And we can be aware of more than issues of the moment, if we try. A prophet name Moses asked God once, what he should call Him? God replied “I AM.” *We must become conscious of more than friends, and things we might have, and simply ourselves. Do not do things for the approval of others, or self-importance. All of us are important. Do things to help others because it is needed. Do not do things for just the material gain, but for our journey in life.

We must try to help others who cannot find the way. Do not force your priorities on everyone else. The universal law that affects everything and everyone; “for every  action there is an equal and opposite reaction” affects our interaction and behavior. Force can bring out the opposite effect. * If you look, you will see this to be true. We must try to understand that what we perceive is only a small part of a greater truth and understanding. Everything affects everything else. * Many think, how do I know that there is God? We see Him when things are at their worst and some People will be at their best and in the hope that we feel because of it. We see Him when the ego and the pride connected to it is defeated and controlled. Your self-respect is in the loving and positive things we do.

9* Even an atheist has to wonder if there is more. All we have to do is look at the order. Are we to assume that the laws that give balance and order to our universe are freaks of happenstance or that they were designed to give the universe order and function? Also if you do not want to believe in God, is it because you have a need for an uncaring universe that in the end does not have any meaning? Your life counting for nothing after everything passes? That too, can be a conscious version of hell, the sense of truly aloneness inside and ending with that belief. That can make one a slave to your profession, without balance in living or, possessions and the opinions of others the most important things.

We will destroy ourselves if we do not put our grievances aside and look to what is really important. We must ask what do we need, not, what do we want? When we die, we will find that most of the things we thought necessary were empty and useless. *You will find that one of the important things, is what we have is inside, our consciousness, what we are and what we have let life makes us, not what we have. Ask yourself, is this or that necessary? Can I still go on if I do not have this or that thing? How about those who are in need of the things that some take for granted? Can having this, or that, be more important than those who do not have the necessities of life? *Whom do we serve God, or our egos and selfish empty ends? If everyone had the necessities of life then, in good conscience ask, what more do we want? In the end we will know if we are doing right when we examine our motives, most of us that don’t have a perverted sense of right and wrong, feel good when we are doing positive life.


Thoughts about life and God

As long as people feel that it is us against them, instead of us for each other, the pain will never end. In for each other, I mean all of humanity, not just parts of it. I am forced to give the truth to those that may listen, to give the greater chance to survive even beyond even death.

In the beginning there was only Space, or some may call it The Holy Ghost. It is now called by many names yet has no name. It is where everything is possible, but nothing is probable. I am saying that anything can happen, but unlikely and sustained order is almost impossible. It is here that God came into being before there was time, or duration.

God became by simply continuing where nothing else continues consistently, becoming conscious in a far more complex way than space. He wanted more than simply being only himself. That is where the universe came into being as he pushed energy, order, duration and direction to space. This way the universe as we understand it came into video porno.

God has tried many times to reproduce a mate of spirit without finding a complete result in what He was looking for. The universe, not to waste anything, used some of his creations to the process returning to the original state. These are the creatures that hate man and what He represents trying to destroy that. But in us, those who sacrifice beyond one self interest, God has a place for them, but it must be unselfish.

I went through much before I could write this. I am just a person. I, like you, have all the things necessary to be a person. We have the image of being what is best in us. We also have the image of being what is worst in us. We must try to bring out the best in each other and ourselves. If we stop trying, we gravitate to what is worst in us, as convenience of the moment dictates actions. * We must love each other and love ourselves. We must forgive each other, so we in turn can find forgiveness when we make bad choices. If we cannot forgive each other and forgive ourselves for our failures and mistakes, how can we ask God for forgiveness? To ask GOD to forgive us when we regret that we have done knowing we were wrong. When we do something that is not the truth, or because it is convenient, not what is right. When we do something harmful because we are getting what we want. * We like children want, what we want, now, not later, the easiest way regardless of long term consequences. How many of us worship possessions? It was said, “It is very hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.” They carry too much baggage in their priorities. People worship that which is most important to them.

Doing something knowing we are wrong because we think we will be forgiven, is a very negative action. It is questionable that we will, if it is thought to be so. Intentions count as much as the results. Things that are irreconcilable faults of both, as the  one made the error, and the other in not finding the peace that they need through forgiveness, I feel a great sadness. * I am reaching out to what is best in humanity. It is very difficult because I am like a reflection of humanity. I am, as an individual, all of the best and all of the worst that all of us are. God wants that which is best in us and God is with those in all things who reflect our best, those who are trying to be their best. God is in all of us, but few of us look or care. *Those who have the least love, need love the most. Many people confuse love with desire. They are two different things. If we cannot love each other, how can we ask God for His love? Is there love in you?

One Wednesday I visited a Christian church and found an uncomfortable situation. I saw what was wrong. They wanted Jesus to make everything right the way they wanted. What they did have, which was more important was love, and they cared about others in a very positive way. * God never does miracles on demand, and rarely the way we expect. God knows our needs and asks us to help each other. God is sometimes more concerned with the growth of the spirit and soul than our immediate needs and wishes. There isn’t any one individual is more important to Gods love than other. We must remember xvideos Gods view is not necessarily our own personal view, as we have a limited view as individuals. Fixing blame for any actions will not be productive to anyone, especially oneself. * Many Christians look for the coming of Christ. Christ said he would be with us and always has been. They forget to look for him in themselves. The son of mankind has always been a part of us. He is of the best of us from the past, present, and future. The past, present, and future all interact in the complete picture, which is a gestalt of reality. * God will help those, who help themselves, is an old statement but usually true. God will help those who put effort into something positive. Do not ask God to make everything right, but ask God for the wisdom to do it ourselves. There is a reason that miracles that are outside of natural order are rare. The balance will assert its self in sometimes seemingly related ways, in others, seemingly unrelated ways. An opposing force will come into being. This is the nature of the creation.

He will give us strength if we ask and need it and only then can we be called the children of God. In truth He is neither male, nor female and very rarely takes a physical form of focus. Our soul is in God’s image. Those things needed to improve situations; we must get others to help. Anything can be done if a duration limit on completion is not included. * If we love God, we will love each other for God is in all of us. Those who only see the worst, or look for only the worst in other people are not whole because there is more than only the worst. There is a positive side to everything. People find what they look for. *Your beliefs and preconceptions focus your perceptions and how we interact with everything around us. It blinds people to some things and amplifies consciousness of other things. Your understanding of the world around you is a major part in the choices we make. With enough belief you can do anything if you are going about it in the right way. * Many people confuse ignorance with innocence, they are two separate things. Innocence is when a person looks at the positive side over the negative; the bright side over the dark one, but one can be both, neither is exclusive.